The Blumpkins - Porcelain Paradise (2005​/​2014)

by G-town Records

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The Blumpkins were a joke band that crawled out of the muck of the old Peabody Jam Rooms, while the various members of legitimate bands would dick around between actual practices. The goal was to imitate the attitude, sloppiness, and overall lack of concern for sound quality that embodied a lot of the various local punk bands of the early 2000s.

Therefore, rules of the Blumpkins:
1) If the song isn't completely finished in 5 minutes, it must be thrown out and never used again.
2) Vocal melodies and bass must only follow the guitar chords.
3) When recording - Crappy sound. As long as you get through the whole song on a take, an additional take is not allowed.

Nobody was playing the right instruments, there was a different bass player almost every time they played, and the lead singer and lyric writer, Attorney Joseph Smith, had never played in any bands in the past, but the basic lineup mostly boiled down to: Joe Smith - vocals, Dan Levy - guitar, Dave Silverstein/Jake Stevens/Rob Hughes - bass, Steve Partaledis - Drums.

In 2005, we recorded drums and guitars for this record (the guitars were done downstairs in the midst of one of the Rhondafests), but never got around to completing it. As Joe unfortunately could not continue with The Blumpkins due to a professional conflict of interest, in December 2014 we decided to finally put some vocals on it, so that anyone who would end up singing for us for the G-town reunion show would be able to hear how the songs go. Dan put the vocals on (appropriately one of the songs actually recorded while on the toilet), and once Steve heard them, he decided they MUST be released regardless of the lack of bass or a proper singer, as is the true fashion of the crappy punk bands we were originally trying to make fun of. So enjoy the result, the 3 track, 3:48 long, Porcelain Paradise.


released December 25, 2014



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